Emily offers primary art consultancy, writing and advocacy on the subject and hosts CPD events, talks and workshops.


Emily can:

  • Lead CPD events and provide staff training about planning and teaching art and design
  • Lead inspiring talks and workshops on the subject of primary art and design
  • Provide consultancy for galleries, museums and other organisations looking to reach a primary art and design audience
  • Write articles and blogposts on the subject of primary art and design
  • Prepare children for art scholarships
  • Host art classes for homeschooled children

For your primary school:

  • Provide ready-made schemes of work and year overviews
  • Help you to prepare for Ofsted inspections and Artsmark applications
  • Refine your existing art curricula
  • Work alongside your art coordinator
  • Develop an entire art curriculum for your school
  • Teach one-off or longer art projects at your school
  • Work with target groups of children eg Gifted & Talented
  • Provide staff training
  • Improve your school’s focus on visual literacy
  • Improve your school’s focus on practical skills
  • Improve your school’s focus on art history
  • Input art elements into class topics/History/Geography/Science lessons


‘Emily was very inspiring and spoke with such passion and enthusiasm. I have left feeling that I have a better understanding of my subject and how to develop progression in my school. I have also come away with a wealth of information such as art project ideas and ideas on how to display my art work. Furthermore, the powerpoint slide handout was very informative and included websites which I know will be invaluable.’

Attendee at a Primary Art and Design Conference 



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