The artcast

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In the spirit of art education advocacy, these are the artcasts: A short series of video chats with artists, creatives and educationalists. Listen in as we talk about experiences of art education, the journey to earning money doing what you love, the connection between creativity and wellbeing & spirituality, and creative processes and rituals.

In this episode I chatted with Olivia Brotheridge, an Illustrator specialising in maps with a personal twist. We talked in week 5 five of the Covid 19 lockdown, about how she became a full-time illustrator, education, mediation and much more…

In this episode I chatted with Bob and Roberta Smith, an artist, writer, author, musician and passionate art education advocate. He is known for his slogan art and is an associate professor at London Metropolitan University. We spoke in week 6 of the Covid 19 lockdown – about his experience of art education, his family and inspirations, his recommendations on approaches to teaching art, how artists are coping with lockdown and much more…Including a tour of some of his works and current project, in the Extra Bits! section.

In this episode I chatted with Gabriel Alvarez, who is a plastic and reconstructive Surgeon as well as an artist. We chatted about his experience of art education in Mexico, the relationship between creativity and academia, wellbeing, self belief and art, how children can be taught art and his processes and tips…and much more! It was such a relaxing way to spend the afternoon and whether you are an artist, aspiring artist, art educationalist or just interested in art, life and wellbeing, you will enjoy listening along:)

In this episode I chatted with Diana Ali, who is an artist, curator and art education advocate. We chatted about her experiences of early art education as a child who didn’t speak English, her journey as an artist, her passionate views on art and creativity and much more! This was a really lively and interesting chat and I know you’ll enjoy listening along:)

For this episode I was so delighted to have Stephen Wiltshire record a video for The Primary Art Class. He is an artist that I have admired and used in the classroom for many years. Stephen’s work has the ‘wow’ factor that children respond so well to, and his story about how art has been his go to is so inspiring!