‘The blending of your own curriculum knowledge with excellent pedagogical skills was very rewarding. This is exactly the sort of lesson that is brilliant for our children – very aspirational about what they will learn but also totally accessible and relevant to them as SW1 children.’ Executive headteacher, Future Academies

I’ve really enjoyed working together with you! I’ve been so happy with the shared vision we had for the curriculum and I thought your knowledge of art techniques and artists was inspirational. The only thing I would do differently is perhaps book another session with you training me to deliver an in-depth art inset and develop my skills and techniques to pass down to staff. Art Coordinator, Three Bridges School, Southall 

‘You are always great value on school tours – I really rely on you to add the wow factor and you never disappoint. Thanks.’ Deputy headteacher, Westminster

 ‘Teacher set high expectations and the pace of lessons was swift, containing a good variety of challenging activities and opportunities for pupils to be involved throughout. A group of seven year olds were highly engaged in discussing the meaning behind a series of paintings, having created their own interpretations of Greek vases with a modern London twist.’   Lead Ofsted inspector

‘Another highly effective lesson. As a result of this exceptional provision pupils acquire a deep knowledge of art history and techniques that give them an excellent foundation for their later education and life. A provocative and stimulating lesson that engaged pupils with the history and understanding of art at a depth far greater than any non-specialist could achieve. ‘ Education Consultant

‘I have never been less than deeply impressed by Emily’s expert teaching. She has excellent depth of knowledge of art history as well as artistic technique. She holds a class’s attention very effectively and, under her careful tuition, primary pupils leave their schools with a highly developed understanding of art, artists and styles. Pupils recognise her expertise and pay close attention to her. As a result, they develop skills and knowledge that are far greater than pupils the same age leaving their primary schools without the benefit of ‘an Emily’.  My field is in helping teachers top develop their pedagogical skills and I regularly cite one of Emily’s lessons’

John Viner MA(Ed), LRAM, Dip Ed, DMS, ACP, FCollT, FRSA

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