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untitledThe Book Teaching Primary Art and Design is available to buy via Bloomsbury Curriculum Basics.

Teaching Primary Art and Design extends the National Curriculum requirements for art and design and provides a framework for teaching the five main skills for making art: drawing, painting, collage, printing and sculpture. Through carefully planned lesson frameworks and additional online resources, pupils can explore ideas and express their skills visually and verbally using subject-specific vocabulary.

From resourcing and planning to teaching lessons, this all-in-one guide includes a full-colour plate section of famous artworks are cross-curricular reference links. It is ideal for you and your class to embrace the world of art and design.


Nov 2018. Post for Rescue our Schools

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Aug 2018. Post for Rescue our Schools

Ros blogpost

Feb 2018. Piece for Guardian Teachers Network

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Jan 2018. Piece in Families Magazine – Pg27


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