The Primary Art class was founded by me, Emily Gopaul. I am an artist, art teacher, primary art consultant & advocate for art in education. I am  always happy to hear from people interested in art education or any of the issues surrounding my work – Contact me here.

I believe that all primary children are entitled to opportunities to engage with art, culture and creativity, and that this should be supported by the education system.

I advocate an art provision in schools that is genuinely inspiring and diverse, one which sparks a genuine love of art and experiences of creativity. I understand the pressures schools and teachers face and I endeavour to support them in the best ways I can. I firmly believe that teachers who are in touch with their own creativity and wellbeing, can best lead and design exciting art opportunities. Through the content I create and work with organisations such as Tate or BBC Teach, as well as directly though consultancy in schools and sharing CPD events I proactively support this.

I advocate that a good art provision in a primary school can have benefits to children and the school that far surpass the boundaries of any one art lesson; including supporting positive wellbeing, which should be at the heart of how we look after ourselves and our communities.

I have close to two decades of classroom experience and have held Leader of Art roles in both primary and secondary schools in the state and private sector, including for large Academy chains. I have a fine Art degree and competence in a range of practical skills as well as maintaining a passionate interest in the arts, and of course, education. In my teaching I have been consistently rated as ‘outstanding’ in all areas. I continued to passionately enjoy (part-time) primary art teaching until December 2020, when I took the decision to focus on my consultancy and advocacy work, to best support art education in a wider sense.

As well as working directly with schools, my consultancy and advocacy work has included articles on the Guardian Teacher Network, blogposts for organisations such as Rescue Our Schools, CPD events and work with Tate and BBC Learning. I am available for all  types or primary art education related input and I am an  NSEAD registered Primary Art consultant.

I am the author of Teaching Primary Art and Design, published by Bloomsbury and available to order here.

I have suggestions for your school that are absolutely practical and implementable by you, because they are developed by an actual school teacher and primary art specialist.

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