Creativity & wellbeing for your organisation

‘Most peaceful day that gave me lots of inspiration.’

‘The session was well delivered with passion and expertise and personality – which made it very engaging.’

‘I enjoyed the practical aspect in the afternoon part of the session. It allowed me to be in the mind of a child and be courageous!’

These workshops are a unique team bonding and self improving experience that will leave you and your team feeling inspired to be more you and to reconnect with your inner calm and creativity.

Emily combines her knowledge and experience in arts education with wellbeing methods such as gentle yogic movement, breath work and intention setting to create a uniquely relaxing and inspiring experience. The workshops are designed to bring you back into a state of childlike imaginative play and intuitive creativity; beneficial to your team’s wellbeing and creative output, whatever the specifics of your organisation.

Creativity & Wellbeing workshops are totally inclusive and require no specific prior knowledge or experience. There is minimal focus on artistic outcomes, the emphasis is on process and experience. Participants leave feeling relaxed, reconnected with Self and inspired to proceed towards a greater sense of wellbeing.

Workshops can be delivered as half or full day sessions, contact Emily for more information.