The Breakthrough Art Curriculum

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A Primary Art Curriculum and resources that:

Introduce children and their teachers to an exciting array of traditional and contemporary art and artists, championing the talent and artistic voices of those who historically have been sidelined or overlooked. Upholding the belief that we live in a diverse world, we can all be artists, there is no exclusive right way of creating art; art and culture can be found everywhere.

Place artists of colour and women at the core.

Support children and teachers in understanding and discussing the concepts and themes in artworks, inferring meaning from images, sharing and challenging each others opinions. Helping children to feel confident and competent challenging the status quo and expressing their opinions respectfully.

Reclaim the term Cultural Capital to promote creative projects that facilitate the sharing and celebrating of diverse and nuanced cultural identities and stories. Supporting genuine understanding between children and teachers.

Trust in the creativity and ingenuity of individuals and present them with creative and real world challenges to consider, process and problem solve.

Teach new skills and techniques and support the exploration of the potential of traditional and nontraditional art materials. Allowing children to evolve a confident and competent visual language to express themselves and their ideas.

Inspire with experiences that make links to real life creatives and creative industries. Allowing children to ‘dream big’ and aspire to a future that ignites their passions.

Encourage children and their teachers to work in multidisciplinary ways, to develop and refine ideas and outcomes. Making connections between subjects, thinking laterally and growing resilience and metacognitive abilities.

Consider the world we live in TODAY. This is not a curriculum that tries to fit in with an outdated approach to education or on old fashioned, and sometimes harmful, view of the world, work and people.

A worksheet to support student led art projects –