The Primary Art Class approach promotes the use of a diverse collection of carefully selected paintings and art work in the Primary art curriculum.

It helps children to make sense of the world when the art they are exposed to is placed in a chronological, historical and geographical context. The Primary Art Class promotes schemes that ensure that the artists, movements and genres that children look at are built upon as they move through year 1 – year 6 and that children revisit key topics in more depth as they get older. Children are encouraged to ‘read’ the stories that paintings tell, they learn how to be ‘painting detectives’ and use the ‘clues’ present in the details of many great artworks. In this way a strong art curriculum can also support visual literacy.

The practical outcomes that children produce are inspired by the artists, movements and genres they look at in the knowledge part of the curriculum. Children leave primary school in year 6 with an awareness and understanding of art from the Stone Age right up to contemporary art.

Hosting a year 1 class in Tate Britain

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