Free Colour resource

I have just uploaded my first free resource (more to follow) – head over to the resources and links page to download a free slideshow about colour. The slides cover primary, secondary and tertiary as well as mixing tints and shades. This resource can be adapted to suit all age groups and I frequently find it useful to refer to it alongside other painting projects. I find that older children will forget the basics of colour if we don’t revisit every so often. I intend for the slides to be used alongside practical lessons – I am still amazed at how ‘magic’ it seems when younger children mix their primary colours for the first time, it remains one of my favourite lessons to teach!

There are so many great paintings that you can use alongside teaching about colour, The Dessert: Harmony in Red is a painting by French artist Henri Matisse and it is one of my top recommendations for teaching key stage one about warm and cool colours. There is some great work you can do around ‘reading’ the story in this painting too, the colours, patterns, character and the setting provide lots of good discussion points.

If you would like tips on paintings to use alongside these slides, contact me via my Facebook page – link in sidebar. Let me know how you get on with the colour lessons!


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